Full-Service Probate And Estate Planning Assistance

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Deep Domain Expertise You Don’t Get From Generalists

Probate Attorneys of Washington helps clients settle estates throughout the state of Washington. Because the firm focuses on the probate process, you get deep domain expertise and an emphasis that generalist attorneys don’t have. Deep domain expertise means efficient, cost effective assistance for you in settling your loved one’s estate. Where possible, we provide our services on a fixed fee basis, allowing you to budget with certainty for legal services and avoid “open checkbook syndrome.”

We Impress Clients With High-End Service, Not A High-End Office

We provide estate settlement and estate planning services throughout the state of Washington remotely. No fancy downtown high-rise building with parking hassles, no marble floors or mahogany desks – just efficient, no-nonsense legal services delivered at a location of your choice. People use us because we provide convenient, high-quality probate services at a reasonable rate. In most cases, we work for a flat fee so our clients don’t have to worry about watching the final bill go up as we continue working.

Contact Us For Assistance With Probate At A Reasonable Rate

If you have been named as a personal representative and are looking for guidance through the probate process, we can help. Call Probate Attorneys of Washington at 360-362-0857 or fill out our online contact form. We can set up an initial consultation at a time and place of your choosing to review the estate and go over the tasks ahead of you.